Monday, March 3, 2008

block week. day1.

which should be more like day 3....

Dear "Power(s) that Be, Are, Is"

As you may or may not know I'm currently stranded here on "block week isle" and, while I appreciate the scenary and quality time with "me" I feel some what "stir crazy" if you will. I have yet to see any end in sight, though i have searched the entire island all day. I did find a tunnel which i though would lead me towards the town of "motivation" but found it only to be bricked up at its farthest opening. If we are to continue this partnership any further towards a successful completion of our aforementioned goals I am requesting All of (some of?, any of?) the following demands be met:

I would like....
*all necessary information needed to pass the block exam, which has been previous put in my brain, to surface when called to do so.
*That pesky gentleman, I believe you call him Mr. N. Aptime to leave me alone during the day
*The mountain of laundry to do itself
*A maid to clean these Dis-gust-ing quarters I am currently housed in
*some one to convince the "other" erin to write in her blog so i have something else to check during study breaks other than alison & sara's blogs 27 times.
*for sara to update her blog so i have something to read :)
*Time to edit pictures, so i can update MY blog.
*To finish/receive my wedding pictures before our 2Year anniversary
*for this election year to be over so people can start arguing about something else on tv.
*a little extra moolah to update my dressings (clothes....not for salad!)
*Skinny people to stop exercising in public places while only halfed dressed. One day all of us chunky kids will revolt against you, and push your skinny hind, clad in sports bra and short shorts.....right off that treadmill!
*A new Do, this mop-top will suffice no longer.
*for the evil spirits of headache, stress, stuffiness, and fatigue to stay clear of our home
*More time to take pictures of anything, and everything.
*for it to stop raining
*for my brain to get its A Game ready,

and finally....I request the direction and location of the spot you mentioned on this island, which boast a sandy white beach and cold budlight. Is it within walking distance?

~yours truly


Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out what to write. It doesn't come easy to all of us. Thinking about you this week. Erin

-erin m said...

You just need something to procrastinate from :)

Sara said...

Am I hearing that the original Erin Tuemler now has a blog?? Pony up the address!!
I will try to update tonight. Also...I'm going to try to tally the book votes---which will give you one more thing to do instead of study.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find time to write all this are so creative and funny...I don't get to read your blog everyday, but I look foward reading it and seeing pictures...I would like to find that island also grandma EV

Anonymous said...

Erin, At least we know that we are going to the beach this summer. I can't wait for warm weather. Thinking of you.


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